Composition per 250 gram:
Ronidazole 12.500 mg

Target Species:
Pigeons, not intended for human consumption.

Tricho 50 is active against trichomoniasis (canker) and hexamitiasis, caused by Histomonas spp. and Trichomonas spp.. The product is highly recommended for therapeutic application in pigeons infected by these protozoa and has a wide margin of safety.

Dosage and administration:
The general dose is 1 levelled measuring spoon per 2 litres of drinking water or per 1 kg food (measuring spoon included, 1 levelled spoon is ≈ 8 grams).
Curative treatment: administer during 7 consecutive days.
Medicated water should be refreshed daily.

Store below 25°C, in a dry place and protected from light.
Keep out of reach of children.

For non-consumption animals only.