Composition per 100 gram:

4.000 mg ronidazole. 75 mg d-calcium-pantothenate.
200.000 IU vit. A. 5 mg folic acid.
50.000 IU vit. D3. 35 mg vit. K3.
100 mg vit. E. 100 mg methionine.
250 mg vit. C. 50 mg lysine.
20 mg vit. B1. 500 mg sodium sulphate.
48 mg vit. B2. 300 mg potassium chloride.
25 mg vit. B6. 150 mg manganese sulphate.
250 mcg vit. B12. 150 mg zinc sulphate.
100 mcg biotine. 20 mg copper sulphate.
250 mg nicotinezuur. 150 mg ferrous sulphate.

Tricho 40 is a water soluble powder and is active against trichomoniasis (canker) and hexamitiasis in pigeons. The product has a high therapeutic activity against these protozoa and has a high therapeutic index (safe). To improve poor conditions this product contains, in addition to ronidazole, a strong dose of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

Dosage and administration:
General dose: 4 gram per 2 litre of drinking water or per 1 kg food.
(1 spoon = 8 gram)
Curative treatment: administer during 7 consecutive days.
Preventive treatment: each 3 weeks during 3 consecutive days.
Medicated water should be refreshed daily.

Store dry between 15-25 °C, keep out of reach of children.