Each ml contains:

Thym extract 2 mg
Citrus extract 1.8 mg
Eucalyptus extract 1.5 mg
Vitamin E 1.5 mg
Willow bark extract 1 mg
Purified water up to 1ml

Respi Green is a liquid plant extract additive made especially to ensure efficient respiration. Its ingredients stimulate general resistance, protect the mucous membrane against irritation and have a strong purifying effect on the blood. The combined properties maintain immunity, improve liver function and optimize feed conversion.
Thanks to its unique composition Respi Green has a soothing effect on the upper respiratory tract. It will drain excess mucus and gives your pigeons clean white noses.

Benefits of Respi Green:
– Healthy and clean respiratory tract
– Drains excess mucus
– Clean white noses, clean heads and dry eyes
– Enhances resistance to diseases in general
– Decreases heat stress

Dosage and administration:
Oral administration via the drinking water.
General dose: 10 ml per litre of drinking water.
Before the start of the season: administer 5 consecutive days.
During the season: administer 2 consecutive days, weekly alternately with Giachol Green.
When noses are dirty, treat the sneezing pigeons for 5 consecutive days together with an antibiotic to enhance the effect of antibiotic treatment.
Treated water should be refreshed daily.

Store closed at 15-25°C and protected from light, keep out of reach of children.

Product exclusively for non-consumption animals.