Complementary food for pigeons.

Dextrose, dextrin, sodium gluconate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, magnesium citrate
Additives per kg:
Gut flora stabilizers: 10 x 1010 CFU bacillus velezensis (4b1820), 5 x 1010 CFU mixture of Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. animalis DSM 16284, Lactobacillus salivarius ssp.salivarius DSM 16351 and Enterococcus faecium DSM 21913 (ratio 3:1:6) (4b1890).

Target species: Pigeons, not intended for human consumption.

Thanks to its unique composition, Giantel Probiotics ensures both rapid recovery and restoration of the intestinal flora after flights, illnesses and the use of antibiotics. It ensures the supply of the right intestinal flora, supports the immune system and improves the digestion process.

Dosage and administration:
General dose: 20 ml grams per liter or 500 gram feed. (≈3 measured spoons)
After a race for 1 day.
In case of watery feces for several days.
After an antibiotic treatment for restoration of the intestinal flora.

Store below 25°C, in a dry place and protected from light, keep out of reach of children.