Multivitamin Forte (500ml)


MULTI VITAMIN FORTE good for 250 liters of drinking water MUTIVITAMIN FORTE is a high quality multivitamin preparation tailored just for pigeons.

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Good for 250 liters of drinking water. MUTIVITAMIN FORTE is a high-quality multi-vitamin preparation custom tailored for pigeons.

MULTI-VITAMIN FORTE is given after a medication cycle, after vaccination against e.g. paramixo and smallpox, in case of poor condition, stress, extreme temperature fluctuations, changes in loft and to promote and maintain an ideal condition.

Administration and Dosing:
Oral via drinking water.

Overall dosage: 4 ml per 2 liter of drinking water.
Preventive: 1 day before basketting and 1-2 days after returning home.
Curative: administration for 3-5 consecutive days.

Cool place, away from children.

Freely available

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